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Presentation of the book cover for the book Den Lille Kvikke

Therapist and author Annie Bejart collected a lot of recipes for dishes whithout flour, milk and sugar. A fine collection for people with a busy life but who want to live a healthy life. She wanted to publish these recipes in a small book and gave me the task of making a cover. She brought the idea that some of the ingredients should gather in a mist and result in the finished product. A little magic like the lamp of Alladin.

What about a healthy layer cake.

I made the picture in pastel as these colors are powerful but semi transperent at the same time. It is really fine to make misty magic with them. I found some bowls, jugs and ingrediens and mada a still life finishing off with the cake and the misty effects.

After a scan of the pastel picture I created front and rear of the book cover with text and corrected some of the text in the painting. Bolow you can see the finished cover. The book was published in november 2003

The website of Annie Bejarts (danish): http://www.huana.dk/.