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My name is Erik Morsing, and I was born in Helsingoer (Elsinore), Denmark in 1953. I am a trained engineer and I have lived in Aarhus, Denmark for a lot of years and worked as a programmer in many different lines of bussiness. My great interest in drawing and painting has always been very important to me - especially as means of expression - and has in recent years provided me with the possibility for parallel working as an illustrator.

The purpose of this website is to show my artwork, tell my story and offer my help in solution of different types of illustration jobs. These could be drawing and painting tasks or computer work including image generation, editing and lay out of pictures/images and text for flyers, covers etc. It is possible to make arrangements about exhibitions, web sites, ordering of paintings, drawings, logos etc. by use of my contact page.


Like most children I started drawing in a very early age and made for some years just ordinary children's drawings. I continued where most other people stop because I was very interested in leaning to draw properly so it really looked right. Later I started to paint and I trained many techniques: perspective, light/shadow, pencil, charcoal, Indian inc, water color, pastels.

Here are some examples of drawings both early and later ones:

Romance at sea. Indian inc 1973. Old City of Aarhus. Pencil drawing 1975. Mols in Jylland. Pencil drawing 1975.
Pipe (as it IS!). Pastel drawing 1983. Old City of Aarhus. Pencil drawing 1983. Portrait. Pencil drawing 1993.

In the year 1971 I got some oil colors, an easel plus some canvas boards for Christmas. From that moment I seriously tested different drawing and painting techniques and I found that the oil colors was my favourite material. At the same time I trained composition technique to be able to create my pictures as good as possible. From the beginning I have been very fascinated by the nature and I have done a lot to illustate it as close and "naturalistic" as possible for me. I have kept this minute touch since, as I attach importance to the good workmanship.

The style and some of the materials has changed since. I have with great joy tried to describe the paradoxes of the nature and the culture in my surrealistic paintings, which only apparently describes known "landscapes".The greatest sources of inspiration were Ren Magritte, Salvador Dali and Max Ernst.

Guardian of Time. Oil 1987

In the end of the 80'es I started working with Fantasy Art. This made demands on the skills in technique and fantasy, and I began to study many Fantasy art artists to get inspiration. I suddently realized that there were things I had to practise for instance drawing and painting human beings.

In recent years my paintings have more and more shown signs of my point of view to the spiritual sides of existance. I try to show the light in my pictures to pass it on to the those, who seek the meaning of life both on the outer and the inner plane. In connection with this I started to work with "wet in wet" watercolor and totally pure colors in combination with meditation, because this medium/method is excellent for intuitive painting and because there were some fundamental things I had to pick up. I followed some courses in this painting technique with Birgit Karmak Obel (now Birgit Tjalve), by which I gained an insight into the techniques of Rudolf Steiner including Goethe's Theory of Colors etc. These courses gave me a lot and I worked later as an instructor at some of them, which tought me a great deal.

I began to do some extra finish on the watercolor paintings to emphasize or directly create motives. Later I did some experiments with other than the pure colors and did some finish with airbrush to produce the light effects I want to portray. this water color technique is now often used as inspiration and sketch for oil paintings.

In the beginning of 1990 I started making paintings for book covers. Earlier in the 1970'es I made a cover for a record (a 45 rpm single), but at that time the printing technique was different and it was difficult to publish anything with many colours unless you wanted it to be very expensive. In continuation of my start of making illustrations for book covers I was asked to illustrate the twelve signs of the zodiac in 1992 - intended to be published as postcards and posters. I had it very much at heart because of my great interest in astrology, and I will consider the project as a principal work. The big source of inspiration was the astrologer Claus Houlberg and his radio broadcasts about the 12 signs of the zodiac in a spiritual radio called "Radio Lotus", an I decided that each of the pictures should show the esoteric work in question. I produced water color sketches for each of the signs from Aries to Pisces while the tapes from the broadcasdts were running. Later animal studies and a few changes in some of the lay outs were done. The oil paintings were then produced one by one on canvas boards size 80 X 60 cm. All 12 paintings received a last finish and they were all done in 1994. They wer published as A6 post cards in 1995.

These pictures are now been used as covers for the books of the signs of the zodiac by Claus Houlberg. These books are print outs of the radio broadcasts from "Radio Lotus" and you can say, that the circle is drawn: they returned to the source og inspiration which has given me a great pleasure. The pictures is to be seen in the Web Gallery and I have given each sign its own page together with the esoteric motto. You can navigate through all the signs using arrows and thumb nails. All the sign was in october 2003 printed as post cards in A5 and posters in A3 with the esoteric motto presented below the picture.

Lately more of my paintings has been used as covers for books of Claus Houlberg.

My personal development has during the last few years brought me into courses and work shops in psycotherapy and spirituality where I have been in contact with many layers of myself. It has been very improving for me personally but also for my paintings. I have taken a psychotherapy course named Bio-therapy at Huana Center featuring Annie Bejart in Sjelle, Denmark. I have participated in courses and workshops in Chi-Aura Integration by Timothy Dunphy. Chi-Aura Integration is a trail-blazing method within energy medicine, healing, where you learn to be avavailable for thr healing power of the Earth and the Universe. These workshops are incredibly exciting. Take a look of the fascinating descriptions on Timothy Dunphy's website: www.chiaura.com.

We have finished a building project: gallery, studio and room for courses here where we live. It is called Galleri Gemini and we have started courses in drawing and painting. Take a look in Courses.

I am in the process of creating new pictures and a bigger project involving text and pictures